Jimmy Joy and Huel prices

the last batch of Jimmy Joy that I bought a year back or so is now out of date. time to get more, so I’m looking into the latest prices of Jimmy Joy and the alternatives, in case the market has produced some new interesting companies.

first stop, Jimmy Joy, and I notice they have a new option, “personalised”, which lets you define exactly what goes into the shake. catch: you need to order 1000kg of it. I can’t help but wonder if this is a result of a question I asked them last year. Anyway – their Plenny Shake is €26 for 25 “meals” of 400kcal each. Averaging to 2000kcal per day, that’s €5.20 per day. their other offerings are more expensive, so I’m skipping onto the next.

Huel’s unflavoured/unsweetened offering is €54 for 14,000kcal. that’s €7.72 per day.

Next, we have Soylent. It’s not as obvious what you’re buying in this case. Their pouch cases contain 35 meals consisting of 7 pouches. How many calories is that? not obvious until you read the nutrition label itself. one pouch contains 2000kcal. Okay. So at $60.80 per case (€52.73), that’s €7.54 per day.

Mana is €1.57 per pouch, and each pouch contains 400kcal, so that’s €7.85 per day.

Queal is €7.50 per day. That’s for the vegan version. The non-vegan version is €7 per day, but if you’re going to go to the effort of being careful about your diet, why not also be ethical about it?

I’ll check these again in a few months again and probably revise into a formatted table and add a few more, but that covers the more commonly-known future foods.

Jimmy Joy is by far the cheapest in this comparison, at €5.20 per day for a nutritionally complete diet.

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